Word, Image, and Ideology in Hapsburg Europe

Denver, October 19-21, 2006


Thursday, October 19, 2008

1:30-3:00 The Art of War:  on the Habsburgs Patronage

Deborah Cibelli:  The Victories of Charles V in the Narrative Art of Francesco Salviati and Marteen van Heemskerck 

María Antonia Garcés:  Grande amigo mío : Cervantes and the Renegades  

Ana Laguna: Quixote, Charles V, and the Art of Self-glorification 

3:00-3:20 Coffee

3:20- 4:50 Ekphrasis at The Habsburgs Court

Olympia González: Eros and Apolo: Recasting the Shadows of Erotic Art in the             Service of a Royal Marriage 

Ted E. McVay, Jr.: The Kings of Aragon in Oil and Ink: Iconotextual Representation, Ekphrastic Visualization and Political Re-visioning  

John Beusterien: The Canine in Velázquez 

6:00-7:00 Reception

7:00-8:30 Keynote Lecture

Frederick de Armas and Emilie Bergmann: Baroque Exhibitionisms: Collages of the Word in Cervantes and Sor Juana. 

Friday, October 20, 2006

9:30-10:30 The Counter Reformation

Frederic Conrod: The Allegorical Functions of the Monstrous in Gracian's Criticón: a Reaffirmation of Counter-Reformation Idolatry?  

Ignacio López Alemany: Visual and Verbal Chronicles in The Travails of Persiles and Sigismunda  

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break 

10:50-12:20 Cervantine Ekphrasis

William Worden:  Pintada de malísima mano : Bad Art in Don Quixote  

Benjamin J. Nelson: Staircase to Giants: Cervantes, Venice and the Scala dei Giganti  

Steven Wagschal: Digging Up the Past: Cervantes s Ballad of Jealousy  as Emotional Archeology 

12:20-2:00 Lunch

2:00-3:30  The Visual Across Disciplines

Margaret Marek: Arts, Architecture, and Education in the Spanish Pastoral Book: Making Sense of the Liberal Arts  

John Slater: The Phytological Aesthetic in the Spanish Baroque 

Kathleen Bollard: Nature, Art, and Ekphrasis: The Fountain in La Diana  

3:30-3:50 Coffee 

3:50- 5:20  Staging National Imageries

Luis F. Aviles: Political Spectators in Early Modern Spain 

Juan P. Gil-Oslé: Emblemática en la justa náutica de Cigarrales de Toledo  

Diana de Armas Wilson  Nose of Turk : Infidels, Converts, & Renegades in English Renaissance Drama  

7:00 Cena de honor

Saturday, October 21, 2006

9:00-10:00 Beyond the Baroque (I)

Mark Benassi: The Role of Pseudotranslation in Political Satire of the 18th century 

Ian Reifowitz: Images of Galician Nationalities in Stories of Village Life in Habsburg Galicia.

10:00-10:20 Coffee

10:20-11:20 Beyond the Baroque (II) 

Rosina Neginsky: Occult in Literature in Habsburg Empire at the turn of the century.  

Kerry Wilks: Camilo José Cela s Los caprichos de Francisco de Goya y Lucientes: A Twentieth Century Construction of Renaissance Paragone